Hi! 👋🏻 I’m Evgeny, a digital product designer from Moscow.

Currently I’m working at Yandex Cloud where I help building cloud infrastructure management and monitoring services.


Resource quotas

Quotas are organizational restrictions that can be changed by technical support on request. The challenge was to increase the quotas’ discoverability and to make working with them easier. My role included talking with users to identify pain points and areas for improvement, iterative prototyping, and working with the development team to establish the scope of the initial implementation.

Security Groups for Virtual Private Cloud

VPC is a service that allows to create networks enabling data exchange between cloud resources and connecting them to the internet. As a part of the service, we needed to provide users with a convenient way to set up and manage Security Groups (virtual firewalls to control inbound and outbound traffic).

Query Editor

Yandex Monitoring collects and stores metrics as time series and uses labels to identify and describe the time series characteristics. Our goal in this challenge was to provide both power users and relative newcomers with a flexible way to navigate through, filter and group metrics, as well as to transform the chart using a set of functions.

Target Groups for Load Balancer

Load balancers monitor cloud resourses state by sending health check requests and exclude resources that didn’t pass the check. Resources are combined into target groups. The challenge here was to support use cases in which several target groups were used within one balancer.

Key Management Service

Design for a service that allows to create and manage encryption keys to protect the secrets, personal data, and sensitive information stored in the cloud. In this project my contribution included creating concepts for interaction and visual design, prototyping, and usability testing.